Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a little late but I hope your new year is kicking of to a great start.

I'm not one for new years resolutions. I have goals I'm working on continually and don't need added pressure to come up with something else to feel guilty over, but I hope that everyone's year will be a productive and happy one. 

Kids finally went back to school today. Since my computer is in the middle (literally) of the main living space it’s just easier to blog when they’re gone. We had a great break but I’m looking forward to a regular schedule again.  My writing mojo is high, I love my book, and I’m ready to work. 

How was your break? Did you get some rest and are ready to work or did you come back needing a vacation?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Happy Holidays

I hope all of you are having a wonderful end of the year season. We had a great Thanksgiving with family and are now hunkering down for our first Christmas in our new home. I've already picked out the tree we'll cut down. In order to make this month all about family I'm taking a blogging break through the end of the year.

I hope you all have happy holidays!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

All about me.

Absolutely forever ago the amazing Crystal Collier nominated me for a blogging award.  Thanks for thinking of me!  I'm always surprised when people remember who I am but I'm so grateful they do. So, here goes.

(Designed and created by Okoto Enigma)
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4: Mention the creator, Okoto Enigma, of the award and provide a link as well.
5: Tell your readers three things about yourself.
6: Nominate 10 to 20 people & notify them.
7: Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, one weird or funny question.

Three things about myself.

1. All three of my children are adopted and next week we have our certification board to become certified foster parents.

2. I read between 60 and 100 books a year. Used to be more but I had kids.

3.I used to fence in college. Not well, but I did it and I had fun. Of course that was my pre-arthritus life and I've had to give up a lot of activities, which has also allowed me to discover new facets of myself.

1. Who is your inspiration?

My mom. She is amazing. Wish I could be more like her.

2. What is the coolest or strangest place you've ever lived?

I'm living in the coolest place ever. The mountains of Colorado. We have 10 acres and so many plans for gardens and animals and fun! We just moved her in April so it will take a little while but we'll get there.
3. If you're not doing it already, what do (did) you want to be when you grow (grew) up?

 Writer. Always writer. I started writing at the age of four.
4. If you had to live under the ocean, what would your best friend be? (Dolphin, shark, whale, seahorse, etc.)

Um, a fish hook? so I could live on land, eat non-seafood and read books
5. What's the last cheese you ate? ;)

I'm not sure but we have gouda, havarti, colby, and Butter Kase in the fridge. And of course Mozzerella for pizza.

 Anyone who wants can take this award, leave a comment so we can all come over and learn about you!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A child shall lead them

My five-year-old is in half day kindergarten. When I go pick him up the three-year-old preschoolers are out on the playground. I like to get there a little early and watch them. They run around, literally in a circle around the playground, shrieking, laughing and just enjoying life. It’s very apparent that they are happy. Sure, sometimes they get hurt, or someone does something mean. They cry for a moment, then, miraculously, they get over it and move on to running around, shrieking and laughing again. Their emotions are so pure and unpolluted.

I need this daily jolt of pure joy. I need the reminder to live in the moment, to enjoy everything. How easily they get over trials and forgive others. I need to not let stress or worry take away my happiness. I shouldn’t even let my goals get in the way of enjoying the journey.

So, here’s to being joyful, to enjoying the moment, and not letting darkness rule the world.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

More linkage

I know I did a link last time but here's another great article on how writing is hard, even for those already published.

Monday, September 18, 2017


There is a series of articles I found interesting. They are the writing insights an author wished they had known when starting out. This link is to the first part, but at the bottom there are links to the other three parts.  Hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Today I saw a bumper sticker on a car ahead of me at the elementary school drop off. It said ‘Who is John Galt?’

Anyone know the reference?

I do. And it scares me.

John Galt is a character in the book ATLAS SHRUGGED.  He is a mystery through most of the book, only referenced by graffiti, signs and people questioning ‘who is John Galt?’  We meet him near the end of the book. Turns out he is a rich elitist who has foretold the end of society and the falling apart of the world. So, instead of trying to fix it, or save people, he hand picks the most wealthy, influential people and helps them speed up the ruin of the world, which they then watch from their own private, safe haven they have used their millions to set up. They just let everyone else descend into chaos and die without a backwards glance because they, the best of everything, have survived.

Like everyone else I am scared at the current state of the world. I have questions about whether or not society as we know it can survive. Terrible things are happening. Things are falling apart. Wars, natural disasters, hate.


Wonderful things are happening, too. People are helping people. People are opening their homes, saving others, reaching out, sacrificing.

Will it be enough? I don’t know. But the thought that some people might promote the idea of closing yourself off, saving yourself while letting others rot is terrifying to me. Maybe there is no hope for us.

But maybe, if we can convince people to keep caring, then maybe we can survive.